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Empowering global publishers to build thriving communities and impact key business objectives through Quality Conversations.

Quality Conversations


Host an environment for diverse communities to facilitate open exchange of thoughts, and foster a sense of belonging. Easy to use, fast and real-time conversation platform that drives organic engagement.

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Community Spotlight

Turn casual visitors into community influencers by leading them to the core of conversation. Customizable unit to drive key performance KPIs.

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Live Blog

Our ‘Live Blog’ provides journalists with the ability to give quick real-time updates during major events and breaking news. This feature not only allows publishers to showcase their coverage, it also allows their readers to stay updated and immersed in their reporting.

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Empower readers to express how they feel. Inspire a more spontaneous, emotional engagement with your content.

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End-to-end Moderation

Create a nurturing space for quality conversations that are aligned with publisher editorial guidelines. With best-in-class moderation tools reduce incivility and incentivize users to create higher quality content through recognition and feedback.

Powered by machine-learning technology, artificial intelligence, industry-leading API integrations, and an in-house content moderation algorithm, global publishers from AOL to AMI are fostering civil and safe environments for millions of users.

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Community Growth

Keep your audience engaged, active, and coming back for more. User Profiles and Notifications personalize the user experience on the platform and encourage them to be an active part of the vibrant on-site community. Profiles give users a sense of identity and ownership, while notifications drive social interactions and additional engagement, clicks, and dwell time.

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Analytics and Data Insights

Access real-time analytics on an easy-to-use platform with customized dashboards and reports. We enable publishers to analyze their users’ behavior such as comments, likes, dislikes, page views and registrations by device type, that can drive editorial decisions.

Spot.IM collects and synthesizes unique first-party data for our partners to enable effective audience segmentation, attribution and remarketing strategies.

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